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Bespoke Celebrations, Ceremonies and Services for love, life or loss | Simply For YouAre you searching for something special for an upcoming celebration, ceremony, milestone or life-event? Then you are in the right place because bespoke celebrations, ceremonies or services are our specialities.

Memorable occasions, milestones or life events are always unique to you so why should that celebration, ceremony or service be any different?

Don’t leave it to chance, contact us now and we will collaborate with you to come up with a beautiful tailor-made celebration, ceremony or service which will be delivered professionally, from the heart and to your very own requirements.

No two people are alike and every couple, child, family or loved one is unique, so your ceremony should be one-of-a-kind, as original and unique as you are. We have a deep and profound reverence for and openness to different personal beliefs, philosophies, cultures, rituals, traditions and languages, and aim to merge these aspects into a unified and relevant celebration, ceremony or service that honours them. The celebration, ceremony or service can be as traditional or unique as you prefer. The only limit is your imagination, and you will always have the last word on all elements of the ceremony.

Whatever is on the horizon, whether it’s a wedding, handfasting, vow renewal, naming service, funeral, memorial, a celebration of life, rite of passage or any other event we will make it happen simply for you.

Contact us NOW for a no-obligation initial discussion about your requirements.

No two people are alike.

Every couple, child, family or loved one is unique, so your celebration, ceremony or service should be one-of-a-kind.

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